Pistol & Rifle Ranges

pistil & rifle range
Interior of new building 2017-09-25
Pistol Range:
  • 6 lanes (7 thru 12)
  • 20 yards
Rifle Range:
  • 50 yards (lanes 1 & 2)
  • 100 yards (lanes 3, 4, 5 & 6)
Range Safety Officer (RSO) You must be a member  who is certified as an RSO to use the range - or be with a club certified RSO. RSO training is included in our Club Level Safety Course - see our Home page.

Note: The pistol and rifle ranges are closed whenever the trap range is in use (Sunday afternoons & Tuesday evenings)

Cowboy Action Shooting

We hold regular practice shoots.
All members welcome!
Check home page and/or calendar for dates & times.
Grand River Regulators

Match Results:

To learn more about
Cowboy Action Shooting
see these links

Ontario Single Action Shooting Federation

Single Action Shooting Society


Please check our main page and calendar for announcements.

Handgun shooting

Wednesday night @ 7pm is Pistol Night. We offer a number of options for our pistol shooting members.

Print blank Score Sheets

Summer Pistol League

Begins Wednesday June 23, 2021 - League signup and shoot (outdoors only)

Rimfire and Centerfire Divisions.
  • Rimfire: 2 sets of bullseye targets per month*
  • Centerfire: 1 set of bullseye targets per month*
  • * Improve your Bullseye scores each calendar month
  • Prizes (trophies/plaques) will be awarded at year-end.
League Standings
Winter Pistol Shoots - "Bullseye" & "Poker"
  • Rimfire and/or centerfire
  • Cost per week:
    • $5 for Bullseye (3 targets - 1 slow, 1 timed, 1 rapid)
    • $5 for Pistol Poker (3 targets)
    • minimum 2 sets of targets per month
  • Prizes:
    • meat prizes awarded monthly
    • high average plus handicap
2020-21 Winter Pistol Shoot Results

Standard Pistol ("Bullseye") Tournaments
  • for .22 calibre pistols only
  • a minimum of 60 rounds per shooter not counting alibis
  • cost is $10 for members, includes 6 bullseye targets: 2 slow fire, 2 timed fire and 2 rapid fire
  • prizes awarded to top shooter(s).
  • Tournaments may be scheduled during the year, check our calendar for dates
"Bullseye" is shot one handed and consists of a set of 3 targets:
  1. two 5 round strings of slow fire (2.5 minutes per string)
  2. two 5 round strings of timed fire (20 seconds per string)
  3. two 5 round strings of rapid fire (10 seconds per string).
bullseye target
"Pistol Poker"
  • one 7 round string is fired at a special poker target consisting of 52 cards with a wild card in the bullseye.
  • Players count 5 of their hits to make their best poker hand.
  • 3 Hands (targets) are shot each week.
View our full Pistol Poker Rules.
poker target

Probation shootsif you are a member who needs to complete your handgun probation shoots, please join us
  • on Monday evenings except holidays at 7pm - Pre-registration is mandatory
  • The Club will provide the ammo (.22LR)
  • There is a $5 charge for each set of 3 targets.

Bill - email  ddhaRangeOfficer @ gmail . com
Gary - email  ddhamembership @ hotmail . com

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